Remote LVM-on-LUKS (via ISCSI) with automatic decrypt on boot

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I have recently added some iscsi-backed storage to my proxmox-based server environment, primarily as an off-server location to store backup data.

For a multitude of reasons, such as the sensitive nature of the data, the fact that the physical storage lies outside of my control, and just good security hygiene - I wanted to ensure that the data is all encrypted at rest.

I wanted to be able to use this iscsi as a storage target for proxmox allowing me to just add the volumes to VMs allowing HA, and I didn’t want to have to do encryption inside every VM incase I accidentally forgot to enable it for one of the VMs (remember, the storage is hosted external to me so I have no control over the physical access to it) so to do this I have made use of LUKS encryption on the iscsi block device that I am presented with and then I run LVM over the top of this. (LVM-on-LUKS as-opposed to LUKS-on-LVM)

mdadm RAID with Proxmox

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I recently acquired a new server with 2 drives that I intended to use as RAID1 for a virtualisation host for various things.

My hypervisor of choice is Proxmox (For a few reasons, Support for KVM and LXC primarily, but the fact it’s debian based is a nice bonus, and I really dislike the occasionally-braindead networking implementation from vmware which rules out ESXi)

This particular server does not have a RAID card, so I needed to use a software raid implementation. Out of the box for RAID1 on Proxmox you need to use ZFS, however To keep this box similar to others I have I wanted to use ext4 and mdadm. So we’re going have to do a bit of manual poking to get this how we need it.

This post is mostly an aide-memoire for myself for the future.