Update iptables on Endian Community Firewall (EFW) 2.4.0

Compiling ip6tables on Endian Community Firewall (EFW) 2.4.0

Unfortunately the version of ip6tables available at the time of fedora core 3 doesn’t support the ‘state’ or ‘comment’ modules for use with firewall rules. So in order to get these, I decided to compile iptables for Endian.

To do this, we’ll need a build environment on the Endian box, we’ll also install wget.

cd /root
rpm -Uvh --nodeps http://archives.fedoraproject.org/pub/archive/fedora/linux/core/3/i386/os/Fedora/RPMS/wget-1.9.1-17.i386.rpm
wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/efw/files/Development/EFW-2.4-RESPIN/EFW-COMMUNITY-2.4-devel-srpms.tar.gz/download -O EFW-COMMUNITY-2.4-devel-srpms.tar.gz
tar -xvf EFW-COMMUNITY-2.4-devel-srpms.tar.gz
cd EFW-COMMUNITY-2.4-201006071652/RPMS/
rpm -Uvh gcc-* binutils-* cpp-* glibc-extras-* glibc-*headers-* glibc-devel-* libgomp-* libstdc++-devel-* make-* rpm-build-* patch-*

Now, we can compile iptables.

So firstly, lets download and install the sources we will need:

wget http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/releases/16/Fedora/source/SRPMS/iptables-1.4.12-2.fc16.src.rpm
mkdir -p /usr/src/endian/{SOURCES,BUILD,RPMS}
wget http://www.linuximq.net/patchs/iptables-1.4.12-IMQ-test4.diff -O /usr/src/endian/SOURCES/iptables-1.4.12-IMQ-test4.diff
rpm --nomd5 -i iptables-1.4.12-2.fc16.src.rpm

And modify the spec file to make it compile on Endian:

egrep -vi "(SOURCE[12]|ip6?tables-config|ip6?tables.init|ip6?tables.service)" /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec > /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec.temp
mv /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec.temp /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec
sed -i 's#CFLAGS=#export RPM_OPT_FLAGS=`echo $RPM_OPT_FLAGS | sed s/-mtune=generic//`\nCFLAGS=#g' /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec
sed -i 's#rm -f include/linux/types.h##g' /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec
sed -ri 's#^(Patch5:.*)$#\1\nPatch502: iptables-1.4.12-IMQ-test4.diff#g' /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec
sed -ri 's#^(%patch5.*)$#\1\n%patch502 -p1#g' /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec
rpmbuild --nodeps -bb /usr/src/endian/SPECS/iptables.spec

And then install it:

rpm --nodeps -Uvh /usr/src/endian/RPMS/i386/iptables-

now iptables and ip6tables will be version, and ip6tables will have the extra missing modules.

If anyone wants a copy of the generated RPM just leave a message here and I’ll get them uploaded somewhere.