“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – Act 3” a Dissapointment

Despite all the “This was amazing” “fantastic” reviews I seem to find for this everywhere, I found myself disappointed after watching it.

The first 2 acts were funny and very rewatchable, there was gold bars that became gold liquid, the “Bad Horse” letters and phone calls, Captain Hammer and his “Hammer”, they made me laugh and alongside the humour was a kick ass sound track (my personal favourite being “Its a brand new day”).

Act 3 on the other hand was a complete change in direction, the songs weren’t as good, it wasn’t really all that funny (Infact I think the only bit I laughed at was him stopping his song to correct the spelling of his name), it suddenly became all serious. All in all I found it a rather disappointing, and somewhat obvious, end and a let down to an otherwise awesome show.

Despite this I’m still going to buy the DVD (and hopefully the OST if one comes out), as I approve of the idea of a web-streamed show (I think there was a push to get a firefly season 2 done in this way at one point) and would like to see more of them.